Mr Robot, a fantasy after the end

What if...

There is a real Elliot that we can call E. His world is really dull. Unbearably dull.

In such world, his parents, Ed and M are perfectly normal. E lives a normal life. He is reasonably good with computers, even earning some local trophies, but he's no hacking genius.

He studies computer engineering and even sets his own company, AllSafe, where he tries to work for the big F-Corp. A big fish of such corporation, T, feels that life is dull as well, as if every day is the same.

Ed works at his own shop, Mr. Robot, a dull computer place with a dull logo where he sells and repairs F-corp manufactured products. No fancy staff, just dull computers, tablets, mobiles with dull OS.

E has been in love with A for all his life. However, A has considered E as a friend, dating other men instead. Her father is a recently retired big fish from F-Corp, and her mother is just a regular mother.

E lives in a district where the dull local policewoman Do has fined him several times for improper parking. He hates her for this. At his apartment, E spends time with a dull Apple computer browsing and posting a dull Facebook and Instagram life. At YouTube, he follows the channel of a dull Chinese philanthropist woman.

But he feels different. Like having a black car in a white-car world. Sick of all this dull life, he sometimes goes to Connie Island for a walk. There, an old arcade is his favorite hiding place, where he likes to daydream about another world. We call this world (). The world () is not dull.

When E was a child, e, he usually lived within () ---> (e). While e felt bored and lonely in his room, (e) was living quite a life. (e)'s father, (Ed), was a really bad guy. (Ed) had a beautiful computer shop, with fancy stuff, where (e) learned Linux and many hacking stuff.

While e was dully growing, (e) was living adventures of all kinds. e usually made drawings of his favorite characters. In the () universe, (Ed) dies and so does (A)'s mother. As e becomes E, (e) goes to the background and is substituted by (E).

The () world is not dull, but is really wicked. People there live interesting lives, but they suffer a lot. Sure, () is just the imagination of e/E, but () characters live within () and they really suffer. And we have been suffering within () for years. (E) has grown as an abused child, with a harsh (and probably abused too) mother. So (E) seeks solace in a fiction of their own, in the shape of a father that he never had ((Ed)) which is our Mr. Robot. Ironically, ((Ed)) is reasonably similar to Ed in the sense that he is not evil, but ((Ed)) is adventurous and interesting, while Ed is simply dull.

In the () world, (E) tries to save the world from the claws of (E-corp). So (E) creates (fsociety) which operates in the (arcade). (Fsociety) is joined by (E)'s friends, (Tr) and (Mo). Also, (E) makes ((Ed)) join. But suddenly, E's imagination creates a new heroine, (D), the sister E never had. At the beginning, E may doubted whether (D) could be (E)'s sister or lover, but he finally opts for sister. For the sake of a better (plot).

Both (E) and (D) live many hacking adventures, far from the dullness of E's everyday life. Fighting problems that are very real outside (). In such adventures, many characters of E's dull world come into play. For example (T) or (Do). E things T is quite likeable, so (T) is his ally. But E hates Do, so (Do) lives a very awful existence.

In (China), (WR) lives quite a wicked story, where she loses her love and has a gender duality. (WR) is a very clever character and she is sick of the (world) she lives in. So she builds a lot of wealth and researches about what is beyond () with the help of (QM). She ends up learning about the world, and she knows she is trapped within (), so she decides to build a machine to visit such world. At first, (WR) might have interpreted the world without () as a parallel reality, but later discovered that () is simply a wicked fiction.

(WR) knows about her WR life and hates (). (WR) somehow knows that E is the responsible of her living trapped in (), so she obsessively seeks (E) all the time. (WR) wants (E) to realize that (E) is not E, and to realize that its non () ego is the responsible for all the () suffering. (WR) first takes (A) and tells her the truth. So for some time, (A) knows about A and the world without (). Until (WR) kills her. And frees her.

((Ed)) also knows, somehow, that (world) is not the world. But it is mainly (WR), then (A) and surely many people at (DA) who know about the world without (). They all want to escape E's () fantasy. (E) is a super-genius hacker without the apparent need of being all day studying and updating his knowledge, which makes him a quite comic-like character. (D) has almost the same magic powers. The (action) has quite loose endings, like in all SF. Not to mention (WR)'s machine! Or (Deus group) being beaten in such a Hollywood way, without consequences. Or billions redistributed with a doubtful arithmetic. It is all mildly hard SF.

Sometime during E's life, A is tired of dating other men, and falls in love with E. They engage and bla bla bla. A, very much like (A), is a dull blonde princess, no fantasy seems to be able to spice her up. But they don't live together yet, so E still spends time at his flat drawing his favorite (characters) and thinking its own favorite (world). However, the wedding is very close, and E feels the need to somehow end the () story, or at least close the main() plot.

So inside (), (WR) for a while tries to build the machine to escape this world, although finally realizes that only killing herself within () is the solution. However, she does not want to escape alone, hence the videogame. So she stays to help (A), (E) and others to escape as well. Finally, (WR) kills herself and escapes ().

E daydreams about (E) using the machine to visit E's world, but as this cannot be, due to laws of true reality, whatever this is, E must add another layer of fantasy for this final meta-action. So he makes (E) jump from () to [], where [] is not the (Gotham) city but a more realistic NY, even though not the real NY. Just [NY] So thanks to the machine, (E) jumps to [E], and discovers himself in a dull world, where [Ed] and [M] are nice, where sugarcoated [A] is about to marry him, and where [D], of course, does not exist. But surprise, [E] already lives in []! So the hoodie-(E) is not [E] but [(E)]. Then we arrive to the collision of [E-(E)] which produces the earthquakes.

E daydreams about the encounter [E-(E)] and the plot is necessarily loose there. E is about to marry and wants to rapidly arrive to some interesting conclusion, so things mess up. E explores a possible [(E)]-kills-[E] and-supplants-him scenario, maybe because E would like to be taken over by (E) and be more like him. But the [] world rapidly crumbles. It is mined with inconsistencies. Plus, ((Ed)) has also jumped to [] and is trying to tell (E) the truth.

Both E and (E) want (D) in their lives. Well, E would like a D, but as this is not possible, he prefers to let (E) go back to () with (D) to at least have her somehow. So (E) wakes up next to (D) in the hospital. But now (E), as (WR), ((Ed)) and others, knows about his () essence. Things cannot be the same. So he recedes to the background and allows E to be the protagonist now.

But E cannot live within () in the same way (E) cannot live outside (), so when (D) says hello Elliot, who's Elliot? He is probably something like ([E]), or maybe ()E(), or just (E2). In any case, it is a new arc for E's fiction in which he has had plenty of hacking adventures and now he wants to fantasize more with having a lovely sister.

Meanwhile, ((M)), ((e)), (E) and ((Ed)) all seat at the cinema to see the new movie. (E) has been the actor and now he can be spectator. And of course he carries his own (()) fantasy.

In essence, what if E invented a hard () to escape from dullness. And (E) invented (()) to escape from suffering such hardness. At the end, (E) and its (()) world discover its () nature and retires to give way to a new () story, perhaps with less suffering, but still not dull.